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Free entertainment in the most expensive cities in the world

London, Singapore, New York and Tokyo have everything from the world’s most luxurious hotels and sky bars to sightseeing attractions that don’t cost a penny to enter. We have collected the top 12 free entertainment in 12 expensive cities of the world – look for the cheapest flights and hotels and go change stereotypes for…
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Rio de Janeiro’s secret places you never knew existed

Every traveler has their own to-do list in Rio, which, as luck would have it, matches the lists of thousands of other tourists. We have compiled an alternative checklist of the main secrets of Rio de Janeiro. Unusual Mayan-inspired cathedral If the Mayan civilization existed now, its pyramids would look like this, ”decided the architect…
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9 tips for a hassle-free connecting flight

Flights with transfers are often cheaper than direct flights, and difficulties with a skillful approach are minimal. Read what to consider for your connecting flight so that everything goes according to your plan. 1. Buy a single ticket You can fly with a transfer in two ways: with one ticket or differently. If all flights…
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9 magical places on earth

From Arizona to Japan: Selected nine fabulous, surreal, mysterious or simply stunning places to visit. In the meantime, admire the photo. Trulli of Alberobello, Italy These amazing structures, similar to dolls or fairy houses, actually exist. You can verify this in the town of Alberobello, half an hour’s drive from Bari. Trulli, as these houses…
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First time to South America: which country is right for you

Deciding on South America is not easy, but you will never regret the trip. We have chosen countries where it will be not only interesting, but also comfortable to get to know the other end of the earth. Follow our advice and travel anywhere on the list to make your first trip to South America…
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Greece Entry Rules 2021

Greece Entry Rules 2021 Russians can travel to Greece with a regular Schengen visa.Greece allowed entry to Russian tourists under a quota of 4,000 people per week.This is more than enough considering the number of flights per week from Russia to Greece (4 flights). What you need to have to enter Greece one. Schengen visa…
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Car rental in Slovenia

Car rental in Slovenia Now Aeroflot flies to the capital of Slovenia (Ljubljana) once a week on Fridays.The ticket prices are inexpensive when you compare them with the prices for tickets to Croatia.In general, the Ljubljana airport is quiet, small and problem-free. I booked a car in Slovenia on the website Rentalkars – the optimal…
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