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10 easy ways to travel greener

Everyone wants the islands to remain paradise, the cities breathe easily, and the forests are a reliable home for animals. And everyone knows that in popular places it is completely different. In addition to local problems, there are also global consequences: tourism accounts for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions. What can an individual person…
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How to replace closed Turkey

How to replace closed Turkey Since Turkey was essentially closed from April 15, 2021, I propose alternative options for where to go for the May 2021 holidays.I already wrote earlier in the article Where to go in spring 2021 about interesting directions for me.No, Turkey was not there. Cyprus, Croatia and Greece were interesting for…
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Start the day like a local. What is breakfast in different countries

Correctly say: eat breakfast yourself. Especially on a trip, when instead of hateful scrambled eggs and tomatoes, pancakes with a thousand holes, steamed pork buns or crispy churros cookies flaunt on the table. At Skyscanner, we asked friends from different countries where they start the day. And then, licking their lips, they wrote a short…
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Current sales of air tickets, discounts and promotions of airlines

Every week, dozens of airlines announce promotions and discounts on air tickets. We analyze all special offers and publish the most interesting ones. New promotions this week are marked with a ✈️. New discounts and sales of air tickets in Telegram every morning Rice terraces in the Mù Cang Chải district in the Vietnamese province…
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May holidays in Russia: where to go in 2020

May holidays happen only once a year, and it’s a shame to turn them into a regular weekend. See where to look for exotic things inside your native country and where to go for May holidays to relax with the whole family. How we rest on May in 2020 According to the production calendar, the…
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Where to go from Kislovodsk for 1-2 days

People come to Kislovodsk for mineral water directly from the spring, spa treatments, mountains and sun – the largest resort KavMinVod has something to offer tired body and soul. But there are no less interesting places near Kislovodsk than in the city itself: when you become your own in the Kurortny Park, go to explore…
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